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Kandzeras Foundation, a private for-profit foundation, is devoted to fostering entrepreneurship and innovation. With roots reaching back to 2004, our journey has evolved from humble beginnings into an innovative hybrid model. This model operates on a two-armed approach: one arm strategically focuses on investing in high-potential ventures, while the other arm pursues philanthropic objectives, ensuring a balanced impact on both economic growth and societal development. Through this dual approach, we provide financial backing and operational support for various projects, inspiring individuals and teams to express their entrepreneurial potential.


Our story

The foundation traces its roots to 2004, when entrepreneur Martynas Kandzeras co-founded Biuro, which, over the years, became the largest employment company in the Baltics. This achievement opened doors for pursuing other entrepreneurial ventures, which were co-piloted through the established investment company Blue Flight. Some of these ventures achieved a certain level of success, while others faced significant setbacks. However, this never diminished the entrepreneurial spirit to seek new opportunities.


In 2012, a notable step was the co-founding of the private K-12 school chain Pažinimo medis in Lithuania. These schools focus on innovative teaching methods for emotional-social competences alongside academic excellence.

By 2019, the focus expanded to nurture social projects that inspire entrepreneurial thinking. This shift led to a two-fold strategy: continuing to invest in promising ventures, while supporting social initiatives in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation.


In 2022, C6 Ventures, an early-stage investor, and Manuscript B, a venture builder in the Deeptech sector, were established. These projects are dedicated to strengthening investments in high-growth ventures, reflecting our ongoing commitment to innovation and entrepreneurial development.


By 2024, we decided to support research in entrepreneurship and innovation, broadening our impact and reach.

Martynas Kandzeras_Kandzeras Foundation

The world is full of potential opportunities or unspoken ideas which can and want to be turned into living projects. And it doesn't matter if they are huge or the smallest ones. Even in the most challenging realities of this planet, there is always a way to go forward, pull resources together, and bring something new to our world. From chaos to order. From powerless to powerful.

And in all of the whirlwind of events, I wish to share this attitude with more people. Encourage not to be afraid to make first steps, stand firm in the face of uncertainty, and have the courage to move forward.


And I believe that through the foundation's efforts, we will inspire and empower many people and teams to act this way!

Martynas Kandzeras



Discover the inspiring individuals in the organizations we support, build, or invest in, who are integral to our mission of co-creating entrepreneurial societies.

Andzelika Rusteikiene_Kandzeras Foundation

Andželika Rusteikienė

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Andrius Jurkonis_Kandzeras Foundation

Andrius Jurkonis

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Partner at Blue Flight


Justina Klyvienė

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Partner at Manuscript B


Orsolya Ihasz, PhD

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Romanas Rokas


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CEO at Junicorns


Kandzeras Foundation

Didžioji str. 18, LT-01128, Vilnius, Lithuania



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